What would most people do with the extra time they wish for each day?

  • Use it to invest in assets?
  • Spend time doing the things they love with the people they love? R.I.S.E up to a higher standard of living/being?

Or simply fill it with the same mess the other 24 hours takes up?

Time ‘management’ is one of the biggest myths of the known universe –

You see, if you or anyone ran a course on how to create 27 hours in a 24 hour day I’d sign up first!

You can’t ‘manage’ time, you can only manage your life, right? You can’t ‘manipulate’ time like a worm-hole, but you can learn to maximise it…

And once you understand how it works, you can ‘manipulate,’ your choices of how you use the same amount of time anyone/everyone gets each day; day by day:

It’s time to R.I.S.E:

The 4 ways you can ‘use’ time are:

  • R.ecover
  • I.nvest
  • S.pend
  • E.arn


Time to recharge, plan, think, make space, observe, calibrate and be present to breathe in everything that gives life colour and meaning (Strategy, planning, setting goals, holidays, time with loved ones)


Time that gives a recurring, residual and/or passive benefit. ‘Use’ the time once and ‘earn’ on it forever. Time that gives security, freedom, wealth and leverage (Property, business, systems, leadership, education, staffing, time with loved ones, philanthropy)


Time ‘wasted’ that you can never get back. Time that has no benefit (Arguing, envy, guilt, shame, needless spending, worry, jobs you hate)


Time exchanged for money or benefit that you get measure once (by the clock or hour). Selling yourself and your time for a means to an end (Job, consultancy, DIY, self employment)

I.nvest more time, take more time to R.ecover so you can be effective with your time investment, E.arn on your time only as a means to an end, and S.pend as little time as possible

Life is short, but amazing. Go and live it and mean something.

Matter and make a difference. R.I.S.E up my friend.