There are 2 big ways that people sabotage their own success:
1.Shelf Help. People buy courses, books, coaching, go to events, and then they do absolutely nothing. The trouble with that is self-explanatory… &
2. Information overload: you’ve learned some stuff already, bought some courses, and don’t want to invest in any more education until you’ve applied what you’ve learned already
Now, before I tell you the BIG problem with no.2 – I want to tell you something about me that you might think makes me a lemon.
I’m a course junkie. Forget waiting to implement something I learned yesterday if I have an opportunity to learn something great today…I’ve done just about every training course going and swallowed 70 books a year for every year I’ve been in business. [I’d give Johnny Five ‘Short Circuit’ a run for his money!]
Pre 2007 I bumbled along, barely head above water painting pictures that people didn’t get – even I didn’t get once I’d had a proper night’s sleep. They certainly didn’t buy them. Most of them are still hanging on my walls.
No one has the heart to throw them away.
It took almost 2 years before I got myself to a live event, i.e. a “real” property seminar. And I just went crazy. I got caffeined on the buzz and the information I was learning and the dream and the event needle was stuck in my arm… The full immersion experience – being with other property nutters revolutionised everything I had ‘already’ learned from grey to vivid colour. For me, live events have been a life changing experience, and continue to be.
Suddenly I had complete clarity and vision: I knew where this could take me, and the limitless opportunity – a vision I couldn’t have made at home, had I waited to implement everything I had learned before doing anything.
In the 4 years after that we built the biggest Property Education Events in the UK.
We ran the UK’s largest specific property event – the Property Super Conferences with Bob Geldof, Alan Sugar and James Caan.
We wrote 3 best selling books & TV and radio hunted us out [we have no clue about PR] We bought another 200 odd properties and made a few million quid
And you know what? I still did not, have not and could ever not apply every single thing I got from even the first event I went to at the Holiday Inn in December 2005.
But it doesn’t matter. Because from that month forward, my philosophy to learning has always been:
I never deny myself the opportunity to learn something new from the internet, books, events, just because I didn’t do everything I learned yesterday.
Why punish yourself? You really do take action on things. Daily. You can’t not. Most of it is without your conscious knowing. Even, if you only implement the best 5% and the rest goes into your brain vault of “Just in case” and “You never know when this will serve you well”
then not only are you constantly in tune with latest trends, tuning to the best and latest strategies and knowledge available, you have multiple backup plans too.
One important point: If I invest in education and their advice really pays off – then I know there’s more where that came from. I buy everything they’ve got. It would cost me too much not to.
So if you’re taking action and not just sticking courses on the shelf, then: BRING IT ON. Stop limiting your knowledge. Take it all. Bathe in it. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you can only become it in the end.
Have a great week