Don’t resign yourself to being average. And mediocre. Or a spectator in the game.

You’ve been designed to win, designed to inspire and designed to wow.
You see there are core distinctions between those who operate at average and those who aim for world-class.
One of those is….

Iconic and wealthy admire other wealthy people. Poor and average people resent them

That was a big one for me: The wealthy admire other wealthy people. Let me tell you why is this so crucial.
The way the human mind works is that it’s hard to become what you despise. You will not manifest what you hate.
If you see a guy in a nice Bentley and think: ‘B*sta*d! You must be a drug dealer. I hate you.’
And at the same time, you desire what he has; that will mess with your mind. It sends mixed signals. It’s not a clear message to your subconscious.
How can you put all systems go and switch to a higher gear going after what you want if you believe the person who has what you want is not just a criminal but that you hate him (and therefore what he is and what he stands for).
Unsurprisingly, your unconscious mind will keep you ‘safely’ where you are – which is not wealthy. Can you relate?
I honestly admit that I found that quite hard. But I trained myself. I trained myself whenever I saw someone in the Bentley to say: ‘I admire you. Bless you. I would like to learn what you know about success and money.’
So the next time I see someone in a Bentley, instead of thinking ‘drug dealer’, why don’t you tell them you love their car (don’t say you’d love to have their car – it’ll freak them out) and ask them what they do for business.
I promise you most of them are not drug dealers!
Now here is another one of those limiting beliefs I was able to eradicate. My friend Rob is really into his cars. I think he has 6 or 7 or so, many of them really cool sports cars like Ferrari’s and Maserati’s and so on.
So he says to me: ‘Dan. You know what I love about driving my red Ferrari? People say I inspire them’. No one was inspired when I had a F-reg Vauxhall Astra in ‘rust.’
But I wasn’t so sure about this one. I thought he was more after the envy and the admiration so I let it go.
As it played out he gave me his Ferrari to drive for my wedding in July. I pulled into a petrol station on this sunny day in July.
Roof down, the gleaming red Ferrari and I’m feeling at least an inch taller enjoying the looks and admiration of people around me. (Or were they just thinking ‘drug dealer’?)
At this point, a guy walked up to me and says: ‘Wow. I love your car. What do you do?’ I told him that only a few years ago I delivered pizzas for Domino’s and that I was broke back then and that I now ran my own business.
He said: ‘Wow. This is really inspirational. Thank you.’

Well that was me learning another lesson.

Don’t judge what it will be like to be wealthy and what effect it might have on other people. This short conversation most likely made his day! I drove away with tears in my eyes thinking: maybe that will trigger him to change what he does; to change his Wealth DNA?
Maybe he will say to his wife: ‘I met a guy today. He was a nice guy with a really cool car and a few years ago he was worse off than we are today. Now I believe we can have our dreams!’
So, you got to admire what you desire. You’ll be amazed that people are happy to share and help you.
Some wealthy people even run mastermind groups and pretty much let you buy a place on their table. That’s a shortcut right there.
So if you want to succeed my friend, dig deep, find your vision and build upon your inner selection of skills.

  • Let go of being average
  • Let go of negative or bad beliefs
  • Let go resigning yourself to being mediocre
  • Let go of victim speak
  • Let go of following the crowd

Shake things up and disrupt the status quo. It’s the only way to become world -class.
It’s this fusion that will make you great: your time is now my friend.
Release all excuses, reasons and resentments. Create EXPONENTIAL results in your business, spirit, mindset, health, finances and let it have a BIG impact on your world
Today is a brand new canvas my friend. A new beginning and the first chapter of your life – your beautiful opportunity to make the life you ache to live.