Why is it that you can take two people with the same exposure to the right knowledge and skills; one succeeds beyond their wildest dreams and one sinks into mediocrity?

You can have the best knowledge in the world and still fail. You can get perfect later and succeed without prior experience.

The 3 circles of financial success you need are:

1. The right mindset: values, beliefs, attitudes, self talk control.
2. The right skills: sales, negotiation, leadership, communication, marketing.
3. The right strategies: leverage, compounding, property investing.

Without all 3 – you fail.

Imagine someone with poor mindset skills and no understanding of strategy, who wins the lottery: fail. Imagine someone, perhaps you in the past, with a positive mindset and some good skills, but no strategies to make money: fail.

Imagine knowing all the strategies but having a poor mindset – you give up at every point of rejection, you show half baked commitment and you always fear the worst.

You believe deep down you don’t deserve the money or that it makes you seem greedy to others. You can know everything in the world and you will always sabotage your own success.

The ONLY way to get money and success is to work on all 3 circles, and make sure that your beliefs around money and success support you, and don’t hold you back.