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Hello, my name is Mike Chadwick. As your host of the Progressive Property Network in South Manchester & Cheshire, I’d like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to join us at our monthly events.

Whether you are just beginning your investment journey or if you are a seasoned investor, the South Manchester & Cheshire Property Network will enable you to access national experts in property investment, the latest thinking and innovative investment strategies. Meeting with the right people is essential to building any business and this applies just as much to property.

Our network also aims to provide access to a broad range of property education delivered through the Progressive Property team. We will also share experience on what works well and what doesn’t, and members will be able to access support from each other to develop success habits that many investors have used to great effect over the years.

The South Manchester & Cheshire Property Network will enable you to be part of a vibrant local community that will help you create greater wealth and success for you and your family; and we will have lots of fun doing it!

Our Next Event: Free  PPN Meeting, 7pm, 25 March 2021, Online.
The Venue:

Pinewood on Wilmslow, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 3LF


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Meet Your Event Host

Mike Chadwick

Mike Chadwick has been investing in property since 2009. He started life in Cheshire and subsequently has lived and worked in Washington, Madrid, Brussels and Cambridge as well as elsewhere in the UK. He has two sons and is a qualified Football Association coach. He currently splits his time between Cheshire and Yorkshire. His main focus at present is on buy to let, refurbishment and houses of multiple occupancy.

Your Event Speakers


Peter Baker

Join us for our next FREE Property Networking meeting on 25th March at 7pm, on-line.  Our speaker will be Peter Baker, Lettings guru at UK Rooms for Rent.  With so many changes in the market Peter’s insight will provide you with valuable intelligence including: 

·  Understanding market demands 

·  The impact of remote and virtual working 

·  Changing with the times and future proofing your investments

 ·  Great landlord offers and promotions to help you make your portfolio more profitable, and,

 ·   How to deal with some ‘sensitive’ issues (more will be revealed on the night!

We had a great turnout for our February event with some excellent feedback, including from those who attended for the first time, so why not join us (it’s free)

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