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Introducing : Justine Palin

I'm Justine Palin, delighted to be co-hosting the Manchester PPN meeting alongside Mike.

My journey in property began back in 2005 when I had some cash from working abroad and I purchased my first property in London. Starting with a Victorian terrace, I got into the world of refurbishment, reinvesting the proceeds from the sale into transforming a one-bedroom flat into a spacious two, title splitting it, and investing and refurbing a cottage. I then moved back to the Northwest and continued to invest there and gradually built a small portfolio of single lets and doing flips along the way.

At the time I also had various director level positions within the NHS, but the entrepreneurial bug soon bit, leading me to establish a management consultancy business. Balancing my career with family life, including navigating challenges such as the HS2, paused my property investments for a while.

But, in 2020, I decided to commit to property investment by participating in a year-long mastermind property educational program. This experience not only prompted me to move away from consultancy work but also inspired me to establish The VA Property Company, a virtual assistant business aimed at aiding businesses—particularly in the property sector—to accelerate their growth by tapping into overseas talent.

Becoming the co-host of PPN Manchester has been an absolute delight. It not only allows me to continue my own investment journey but also presents a wonderful opportunity to help others on theirs. The community vibe of PPN Manchester is great, with its members creating a welcoming and supportive environment. If you’ve not been before, you’ll absolutely love it.

Today, my interest in property, along with my VA business is about cultivating a lifestyle, one that gives me solid assets, at the same time as giving me the freedom to pursue my passion for travel.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you and sharing our mutual love for property!

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