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PPN Oxford

Welcome to PPN Oxford! Our PPN in Oxford is an exciting and unique networking event that you will certainly not want to miss!

We hold our meetings once a month and regardless of what stage of your property journey you are on, we offer a warm welcome. 

The great thing about PPN Oxford is that everybody, from property beginners to property experts, can join to discuss, collaborate and benefit from the extensive knowledge and practical tips which we’ll cover at every event!

Here at PPN Oxford we are proud of the wide range of benefits which we can offer:

· A welcoming host who is extremely experienced and still active in the property sector

· A huge variety of topics ensuring we cover all the various strategies which could help develop your
property business

· A wide range of inspiring speakers who will share their expertise and knowledge

· The fantastic opportunity for joint networking, collaborations and making new connections through

· A warm and vibrant crowd with a friendly atmosphere

· The chance to hear a wealth of property advice from peer

· The opportunity to join the associated mastermind

· An easily accessible, stunning location

No one should feel alone on their property journey, but as part of our supportive network, you’ll be able to reach for support and advice from our inspirational and knowledgeable speakers.

These speakers will come from a wide range of fields, all with high level of expertise and can offer practical advice in their property strategies. Furthermore, our crowd is lively and encouraging which will help inspire you to achieve your goals; whether they are starting out in property, scaling up your business or even creating a retirement plan we’re here for you!

Our venue is the stunning ‘The Oxfordshire golf and spa hotel’ and we’ll be meeting between 18:30 and 21:00 every second Thursday of the month.

Not only can you network to find potential Joint ventures, partners or contacts in finance and other service providers, but you can also take in the beautiful scenery Oxfordshire is blessed with: a reminder of why Oxfordshire is a premier place to invest in property.

‘The Oxfordshire’ is easily accessible: whether you would like to travel by car (with several free parking on site) or public transport- it is only 5 miles from Haddenham and Thame Parkway station, and several buses to and from Oxford passing outside the venue. 

There’s no excuse not to come and join us!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Our Next Event : 14th December, 2023
Timing : Arrive 6.30 PM for a 7 PM Start 
The Venue :

The Oxfordshire Golf Hotel & Spa, Rycote Ln, Milton Common, Thame, OX9 2PU

Email :

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Meet Your Event Host

Sophia Botchway

Sophia has become quite the ‘go to’ person and property expert in and around her local hometown of Oxfordshire.

Following her parents in their property journey as a youngster before they made the usual mistakes and sold everything at a loss, Sophia wanted to do things differently. She established her property company Sophia Lambert Homes in 2009 and things have been going from strength to strength ever since.

Sophia has built a multi-million pounds portfolio as well as helping others do the same. She personally loves BRRR single lets, Service Accommodations, Tenant Buyers as well as dabbling in other strategies such as Vendor Finance, Assisted Sales and Lease Options. Sophia also has vast knowledge raising investor funds and property management.

Sophia loves working with family and local talent and has managed to involve her daughter and niece into working alongside her as well as other local residents.

Sophia has become very passionate about properties, not just the investing but how it can change people’s lives; from providing a home to those in need to creating additional income.

As an accountant and multi business owner, Sophia uses her business and tax knowledge in building a property business for others and her JV partners.

Your Event Speakers

Richard Stone

Richard Stone is a Builder/Developer and Chartered Construction Manager as well as a Non-Exec, Trustee, TEDx Public Speaker, as well as being a Coach Mentor & respected trainer.

Richard has a quick wit and a great sense of humour along with a real handle of what it takes to deliver results in Construction, Property and business as well as a passion to support the learning of others.

His 30+ years experience construction from building sites to senior management and board level on companies large and small

As well as training and mentoring those in property, Richard also works with other business owners to help them maximise their profits and regain time and has become known for his ability to dispense valuable no nonsense insightful advice either as a Non Exec or in fractional roles.

Monthly Local Talent - Graham Crow

Graham Crow
Graphic designer to Property developer
The up’s and down’s of changing career

Graham Crow, living in a village near Didcot, has dedicated over two decades to a successful career in Graphic Design. In 2019, he transitioned his professional focus to encompass property development and investment.

Motivated by the responsibilities of fatherhood and a recent diagnosis of ADHD, Graham conscientiously opted for a career transformation. His commitment to fostering a more flexible work schedule is underscored by the presence of one of his young sons, who has Down Syndrome.

Harold Michael Properties Ltd stands as one of the two companies owned by Graham Crow and his wife, Anna

Graham, in collaboration with his spouse, has developed a distinctive business approach that involves constructing new local homes. HMP are looking to use modern methods of constructing homes on their future developments.

Central to their ethos is the empowerment and employment of individuals facing long-term unemployment.

Collaborating with professional tradespeople, these individuals contribute meaningfully to projects, fostering a sense of community and social responsibility. As part of its strategic vision, Harold Michael Properties Ltd aims to amplify its impact in 2024 by actively seeking investment opportunities for the purchase of new land, thereby expanding the scope of its innovative approach.

Graham's passion for property is evidenced by his active involvement in property development in the local area. He has successfully overseen the construction of four houses and undertaken numerous renovation projects, showcasing both his expertise and commitment to the field.

Currently, with 2 BTL properties in his portfolio, Graham is diligently exploring avenues for more lucrative income streams.

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