Introducing : Sophia Botchway

Sophia has become quite the ‘go to’ person and property expert in and around her local hometown of Oxfordshire.

Following her parents in their property journey as a youngster before they made the usual mistakes and sold everything at a loss, Sophia wanted to do things differently. She established her property company Sophia Lambert Homes in 2009 and things have been going from strength to strength ever since.

Sophia has built a multi-million pounds portfolio as well as helping others do the same. She personally loves BRRR single lets, Service Accommodations, Tenant Buyers as well as dabbling in other strategies such as Vendor Finance, Assisted Sales and Lease Options. Sophia also has vast knowledge raising investor funds and property management.

Sophia loves working with family and local talent and has managed to involve her daughter and niece into working alongside her as well as other local residents.

Sophia has become very passionate about properties, not just the investing but how it can change people’s lives; from providing a home to those in need to creating additional income.

As an accountant and multi business owner, Sophia uses her business and tax knowledge in building a property business for others and her JV partners.

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