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Leamington Spa Progressive Property Network is a dynamic, vibrant and welcoming networking event founded on the vision of providing a mecca for all things property.

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep” John Stuart Mill.

Based in the historic and picturesque pub Fox and Vivian, located on 32 Clarendon Ave ; Leamington Spa PPN provides a hub of knowledge sharing, networking and friendship building . Welcoming everyone from experienced landlords and investors to newbies looking to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder, visitors can expect an informal evening soaking up wisdom from a variety of experts in their field. Tipple from the bar optional. 

Each month Leamington Spa PPN welcomes a plethora of successful industry specialists to speak; sharing their priceless insight and experience. They aspire to inspire your property journey through to financial freedom; sharing tips and warning about the pitfalls.

Make profound connections and meet likeminded entrepreneurs with Leamington PPN- our aim is to cultivate lasting and influential relationships that not only provide a wealth of knowledge but a wealth of capital. Let the cash rich/ time poor meet the time abundant investment seekers; we nurture mutually beneficial joint venture opportunities that provide tangible results and prosperity.

Visit our next event and allow us to motivate your success, this is your call to action… we’ll see you there.

Our Next Event : 17th January, 2023
Timing : Arrive 6.30 PM for a 7 PM Start
The Venue:

The Fox and Vivian 32 Clarendon Ave, Leamington Spa, CV32 4RZ

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Meet Your Event Host

Paul Wells

Started investing professionally into Property in 2015 ( buying my first house through an auction site)

Primary strategy when I started investing was Buy Refurb and Sell. 

Fast forward to 2017 onwards I then decided to move into renting properties out to professional tenants on single AST’S. gaining the knowledge that I was then taught through my own property journey I wanted to accelerate my cash flow in my properties and used the Equity I had in purchasing my own HMO (which if you not familiar is a house of multiple occupancy) 

The cash flow I was then producing from this property was giving me £1,000 per calendar month to give me the confidence to repeat this process again, while then purchasing larger properties suitable for converting to another HMO. 

With the help of my power team, we were doing the same process of the initial Acquisition, then refurbishing the property but rather than to a Single let we were then making this into a HMO with the regulations that needed to be in place to obtain a HMO licence. Over time we would then refinance this based on the rental income and property refurb to recycle majority of the money we initially put in purchasing the property 

While this process was great the acquisition and refinance process were lengthy and I started to have a growing demand with companies I was working with locally to my goldmine area. (Nice problem to have you may say when you have 100% occupancy.)

Your Event Speakers

Ryan Pinnick

Ryan Pinnick is one of the UK’s most in demand speakers empowering audiences to apply superconsciousness to improve their careers, businesses, investments, relationships, healing and lifestyle. He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lord Sugar, Grant Cardone, Andrea Pennington, Lewis Howes, Fabienne Fredrickson, David Goggins and has been a regular speaker at Rich Dad Education, The Business Show, Yes Group and Expert Empires.

Ryan moved from Cape Town to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leaving employment to start a business in real estate during which he had many successes and failures. It was his passion for human behaviour and spiritual purpose that led him to discovering superconsciousness which for him, was the missing link to creating what he wanted in all areas of life. In 2014 he committed fully to teaching superconsciousness by launching his training company SuperGenius which has since generated over £8M in revenue due to the effectiveness of this unique methodology.

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