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The property business is forever changing so these events will keep you up to date with all of the new and ever changing strategies. All of the speakers will have worth while information to share that will help you on your property journey.

Progressive Property Network events will also be a good place to find Joint Venture partners. The events will be fun and you will be able to mix with like minded people, who will inspire and help move you to the next level.

Come and be part of this growing community.

Our Next Event: 14th June 2021
The Venue:

The Holiday Inn, The Havens 2, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9SJ


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Meet Your Event Host

Halstead Ottley

Hi my name is Halstead Ottley and I am the host of the Ipswich Progressive Property Network. Property can be a lonely business, so coming to property meetings like this will help to make your journey fun. These events will be designed to help connect people either in their local area or which ever area they are looking to invest in.

Your Event Speakers

Halstead Ottley

My name is Halstead Ottley and I have been investing in property for over 30 years, and  started off buying single lets, before then adding HMO’s and Serviced Accommodation properties to my portfolio. My investment area is the East coast, from Clacton up to Norwich, where I invest in both residential and commercial buildings with the aim to bring them into the residential world.

I started my working life in retail with Ipswich Co-op as a trainee manager where I went off to college to learn my trade, as well as working hard to climb the corporate ladder, at the time I was building and growing my property portfolio.

I strongly  believe in getting yourself educated no matter what field you are going into, and property is no exception. I have trained under some of the best in the property industry, gaining knowledge for almost every aspect and strategy of property investing.

When I am not doing property I love to fulfil my passion as a Personal Trainer by working with Individuals, Groups and Charities to help them reach their health goals.

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