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We are back bigger and bolder than before.  Each month we will have great people who will help to take you to your next level in property.  If it's one property or multiple properties our speakers will try to assist you. 

Whatever your strategy be it a flip, S.A. or commercial conversion there could  be someone who could help. 

Working as an entrepreneur can be difficult, working on your property business is difficult if you are on your own.  Getting started in property is hard, especially if you do not have the support.

 If you are already in the property business, if you are new to the property business or looking to start a property business. Come along to our monthly meeting and find better ways to work together, it could be help with a J.V. or trying to find the right trades for your existing project you could find the help and encouragement you need to complete you project. 

By becoming part of the community you can grow. “You are the average of the five people you send the most time with” Jim Rohn. 

Don’t settle for average you deserve better, come along be inspired, expand your network, increase your net worth.

Come along to our local event and  be with people who will be happy to help and importantly leave you motivated. 

Looking forward to seeing you.

Our Next Event : TBC, 2024
Timing : Arrive 19:00  for  19:30  Start
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Keller Williams Scotia 17 Fitzroy PI, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 7RW

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I am Danny! 

My background is as a sales director for major consumer companies and catering companies. 

After working in sales for multiple companies I went on to found my own catering businesses successfully running these over many years before taking a career break in order to work on myself as an entrepreneur! 

Now I’m back running events on property with some of the best property speakers in the UK. 

My background in sales and entrepreneurship gives me a wonderful platform to allow you as the consumer to understand how to build your property business and the experts that I bring with me to these events will put you in the best position to start a new venture in property!

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