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Welcome to Progressive Property Network


PPN Bournemouth will educate, inspire, entertain, and support you in
becoming ever more successful in property. PPN gives you access to the best professional property people with an extensive, ready-made network.

What’s the event about and who is it for ?

PPN Bournemouth is an event that has been running for over 10 years where like-minded people in the business and property world meet in a relaxed and friendly environment each month. It is for property people of all experience levels and service providers looking to meet new clients and scale their businesses. There is an abundance of motivation, inspiration, knowledge and support to be found in this exciting and friendly community.

Why choose PPN Bournemouth ?

As your host, I am extremely humbled to host this event and I am 100%
committed to ensuring the event is about you, the attendee. I have huge
experience in property for more than 30 years but this is about YOU and an event that you want to keep coming back to. It is about giving you everything that you need to succeed.

What will you get out of attending this event ?

We guarantee you will meet people who make a difference to you. Many
business relationships and Joint Venture partners have been created right here. 

We invite you to PPN Bournemouth and look forward to making a massively positive impact on you and your property journey. ·

We are so proud of the following benefits that PPN Bournemouth offers you :

● Excellent speakers sharing great content, knowledge, expertise and
● A fun and welcoming host who is hugely experienced in property
investment and development.
● A range of topics to cover all strategies to help develop your property
business or service.
● Fantastic networking, leading to opportunities to joint venture, build your network, make new friends/connections and get that vital support.
● A lively, friendly and welcoming community.
● A buzzing atmosphere.
● An abundance of property tips and knowledge is shared amongst peers and like-minded individuals.
● The chance to join the associated masterminds, accountability groups
and social events.
● A fantastic centrally located venue with a great bar and food available.
● Find investors, joint venture partners, contacts in finance, trusted trades, gain invaluable information and amazing support all under one
networking roof.

Our Next Event : 18th April, 2024
                                        Pre networking from 6.15pm
                                        Start 7 pm - End 9.30 pm
                                        Post networking until 10.30

Timing :  Arrive 6.30 PM for a 7 PM Start
The Venue : The Ocean Beach Hotel & Spa, 32 East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth BH1 3AQ

Email :  
grown ups 123movies

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Meet Your Event Host

Leigh Ashbee

Make no mistake, property is a people business! 

Hosting PPN Bournemouth since 2014 has been a privilege. It’s a fantastic community of passionate property people. Come and see for yourself just how productive this network is. 

Your Next Event Speaker

Matt Annen 

Planning. The Changes and the opportunities for you .

Matt Annen is director of Pure Town Planning who are award-winning, specialist independent town planning consultants with offices in Bournemouth and Winchester.

Sarah Poynton-Ryan

Raising your first (or next) £100,000

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how to make money in property

Does “success” feel like it is slipping further and further out of reach?

Sarah Poynton–Ryan felt the same at the end of 2015. After getting married in September 2015 Sarah took stock of life and realised that she was not where she needed, wanted or deserved to be. Having built up around £60,000 of debt since starting University through poor money management, Sarah needed to make a change. Sarah needed a strategy to bring in sustainable cash flow that would give her financial independence and clear the debt. Sarah launched her property business that focused on start up investment models that need little savings to start. Just 6 weeks after making that decision in 2015, she landed her first deal worth £56,000 net profit and has never looked back and she billed over £100,000 in her first full year of trading in 2016.

Sarah is a self diagnosed sales and marketing geek and truly believes that in business we get paid as a consequence of doing the best job possible for our clients.

Since 2015 Sarah has built a mixed strategy property portfolio that has made her financially free. Working on development projects, new build, buy to let, rent to rent, HMO, Serviced Accommodation and other exciting projects Sarah’s love for property and its results grows every day.

Sarah has built a reputation as being “accessible” and “supportive” to those she works with and trains. Sarah has achieved incredible results and if you can relate to having “too much month left at the end of your money” then Sarah understands and remembers how you feel.

Sarah will talk about how you can make moves to operate a more profitable business in 2023 regardless of your experience level. Leveraging best practice, systems and operational evolution will help you stay on top of the ever changing property landscape. In her talk she will be sharing a simple to implement set of ideas that also won’t cost you thousands of pounds whichever property business model you are running.

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