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Introducing: Leigh Ashbee

I grew up in a Working class, loving family. I most fortunately don’t have any sad story to tell. I have been paid to travel the world in 2 different service industry jobs. I have seen the good, the bad, the haves and the have not’s. All Life experience that I wholeheartedly cherish. I have a real passion to help people improve their lives not just through property investment but in any way possible. I actively support many local and global charity organisations.

My core values are Integrity, Trust, Maintaining balance, Loyalty and Honesty. I am proud of these principles. I believe in Reciprocity which is essentially doing what you can to help others. “Pay it forward”.


I bought my first property aged 24 when I became an accidental landlord. I was renting a flat and the owner offered to sell it to me. I realised that I could actually pay the mortgage and make a profit by having two of my best friends living with me paying rent, whilst I paid nothing at all. How amazingly simple was that? This launched my passion for property. I went on to buy, refurbish and sell several properties over the years all of which did well. I now specialize in professional HMOs both privately owned and through business partners and joint ventures.

You also have to have real knowledge of any chosen pathway in order to truly succeed. I set about gaining as much information as I could. The internet was a massive help with all the various educational sources out there. I needed to find the right mentors for me. People that I clicked with, that were genuine and trustworthy. I found this at a “property buying frenzy event” held by Progressive Property in 2009. Rob Moore and Mark Homer (the progressive guys) inspired and motivated me to achieve my real success in property since 2009. I have the confidence and backing to focus on my property and life goals. It was probably the best investment that I have ever made because I have reaped the benefits ever since. I continually educate myself to the ever changing intricacies of property and everything related to it.

Our knowledge and education are not nice to haves. They are what help you to get it right. Other people’s experiences and wisdom help too. This is why I believe that networking and the community are absolutely essential. The Progressive Property Network in Bournemouth is a true community where everyone is welcomed and supported. Where you have access to all the help you need and where you can have fun pursuing your property ambitions with like minded people.

Networking effectively is the sure fire way to greater success.“Your network is your net worth”

I’m very excited to bring closer together my passions for property and helping people.

See you all soon.


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