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PPN Blackfrairs is located in Central London. PPN Blackfriars is all about showing you how you can find deals and investors, increasing your profits, and using creative property strategies to achieve deals that are (a little or) No Money Down or No Money left in. 

Set in the historic heart of the capital – a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral – PPN Blackfrairs will engage, inspire and entertain you to take action and move forward in your property journey.

It’s not just about learning either; we’ve created a community. 

ou can network with like-minded people, hear keynote speeches from industry specialists and take away actionable knowledge to help you succeed. We get results and we know we can help you do the same.

If you’re new to the property journey or not, you’ll take away knowledge and the drive to succeed.

Join us, once a month, opposite Blackfrairs tube station at the Crowne Plaza London – You simply can’t miss the opportunity.

Our Next Event: 8th March 2021
The Venue:

Crown Plaza, 19 New Bridge St, London, EC4V 6DB


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Meet Your Event Host

Kevin McDonnell

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the UK’s leading ‘No Money Down’ property strategist and every month there will be a section of the event dedicated to this strategy. I’ll present case studies and examples of people I work with who are making more money per month than they ever have before – and they used none of their own money to do it!

Your Event Speakers

Shimon Rudich

It’s about having control, not about ownership – they say. But what exactly does that mean? In this talk the UK’s leading lease options solicitor Shimon Rudich from MS-Law will guide you through the deals that his clients, students and mentees are doing.

Not only is Shimon a solicitor representing these investors doing their deals, but he is also an investor himself and does many creative deals each year using a variety of different methods.

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