Introducing: The McBain’s 

We are a Father and Son duo, known in many property communities as “Ian and Ian”. We live, work and invest in Southend, Essex. Our passion for property has grown to encompass different investment strategies and our enthusiasm for education has allowed us to create a successful and varied property portfolio. We have won several awards within the industry and now enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping others achieve their own goals.

Specialising in, Houses of Multiple Occupants (HMO), Serviced Accommodation (SA), Buy to Let,  Rent To Rent (R2R) and bespoke Refurbishments which attract both professional and corporate clients.

With over 30 years of property investing, our strategies have been developed and tested in various markets, and we operate a successful portfolio focusing on R2R, HMO, SA, and Buy To Let highlighting our passion for quality

 We believe strongly in the power of JV’s and have successfully raised over £1.5million which has allowed us to grow and scale our business.

Property talk will be ‘six of the best’ how we Turned 6 under performers into cashflowimg powerhouses.

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