Introducing: Stuart Mellody

Property Investor, Public Speaker and Creator of the very successful SIMPLE System to raising finance.

Stuart has managed to package up 35 years of property experience – raising tens of £millions, witnessing two recessions and three property cycles – to create a tried and tested SIMPLE System to raising finance.
Winner of the 2015 Progressive VIP Award for most finance raised £21million in 12 months, Stuart’s work is having a huge impact on some of the top people in the industry helping them build serious property businesses with raising finance at the core of the business not the afterthought.
“if you’re in property, learn to raise money to make money”
Stuart is able to impact others by sharing how to raise money successfully without ever having to ask for it. He has a unique approach to raising finance, by bringing a professional but personal perspective to the process.
“Raising finance is the missing piece of your property business”
Regardless of where you are in your journey – starting up or levelling up- if you’re looking to raise significant sums – Stuart can highlight how to position yourself to attract the top people in your industry, providing you with more deals and opportunities as you become the go-to person in your marketplace.
Stuart is passionate about helping people live extraordinary lives by developing their true potential. His vision is coming to life through helping people reach their goals.

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