Introducing: Steven Lai

Steven Lai from Super Developments who will explain how a CRM can help you organise and grow your property business.

Are you networking without purpose? Are you failing to follow-up? Are you wasting time and losing deals?

Steven will share his 10 steps to setting up a property CRM to help you network, follow-up, qualify and convert more leads into investors and deals.

A little bit about Steven

Steven is the founder of Super Developments and creator of CRM for Property Success. He started out in a full-time sales job at a tech start-up and later managed a global sales team, and it was here that he realised introducing a CRM to the business could make a huge difference. When his son was born, he knew property was the key to a lifestyle change and got properly property educated.

From the start of his property journey he used a CRM to make networking less awkward and deal-sourcing less time consuming, It was only when he started talking about CRM to his property peers he discovered many didn’t understand what a CRM is, or how a CRM could be configured for a property business to make things easier. Now, he wants to help others discover how a CRM can add real value to their business.

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