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Introducing: Stephen Fryer

Stephen has been an entrepreneur at heart all his life. However he was working for Jaguar Land Rover for 12 years, before taking a leap of faith. He started as an advanced apprentice in 2005 moving quickly up the ranks to Senior Project Engineer as a Module Leader for Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Halo Projects, for the later 2 years. He was accountable for electrical hardware & software product development & delivery, managing over 150+ stakeholders on projects in excess of £5m+, delivering consistent strong high performance reports year in year out. However Stephen felt like his environment was restricting his output, so he started to explore further options.

This exploration led Stephen to meet Kirsty at Birmingham PPN in January 2018, as he just started his property journey. Within 6 months, he had created a 6-Figure Business using Serviced Accommodation (SA) as his strategy, and left his promising career at Jaguar Land Rover to explore a life without boundaries, a life of freedom as most would perceive. But that doesn't mean to not work your ass off, as Stephen would say. It simply means to construct a life around your passions and purposes. 

Over the past 24 months, Stephen has created 5 x 6 figures business'. With his latest project 'Instant Impact Marketing' providing innovative business and marketing solutions for speakers, trainers, experts & entrepreneurs. Stephen has wealth of knowledge on what it takes to create and market a 6-figure business. He is very much looking forward to meeting you.

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