Introducing : Trish Mcgirr

Trish Mcgirr

Trish helps investors and property professionals create ethical but profitable solutions when working with financially distressed homeowners

Her message is that all property entrepreneurs have an essential role to play in the current economic crisis and that we hold the key to enable distressed homeowners to move on with their lives, repair their credit and break free from the despair of debt. 

As a former Mental Health Nurse who spent 15 years specialising in addictions and trauma. Trish appeared to ‘have it all sorted out’ but behind the scenes her marriage was ending, and her finances were shot to bits. 

Starting over with a young child to support and working 2 jobs to make ends meet, the ongoing burden of debt took its toll, and on a night when it became too much, Trish tried to end her life. 

Far from being the end, this became a turning point, and although it took 10 years to get back on track, Trish left the NHS to set up a consulting business and became a property investor in 2003. 

It’s through her involvement in property that Trish has been able to use her experience to help people who find themselves in the same position she was in. 

A believer in how pivotal moments shape us, Trish set up Repossession Rescue Network UK to educate property professionals and improve standards of care for homeowners who face losing their homes.

Her mission is Saving Lives; One Home At A Time.

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