Introducing : Tony and Sarah Harding

Tony and Sarah Harding

Tony and Sarah are former PPN Brentwood hosts who launched in 2019 and spent four enjoyable years 4 running the event, making some great friends and building a really positive community of investors along the way.

They invest in both Essex and Stoke on Trent. They have built a multi million pound portfolio specialising in high end “HMO’s that make you feel at home”. They passionately believe in ensuring every tenant has a good experience and are proud that many of their tenants have been with them since the very beginning.

Their property investment journey began by becoming accidental landlords in 2011 when their first child was born and they put a tenant in their flat. They have now been investing in property since 2015 and are currently involved in various property strategies including HMO’s, Flips, Commercial Conversions with the latest project being a Land Development.

Many of their projects have included extensive back to back brick refurbishments and they love nothing better than taking a tired old house and giving it a new lease of life, where they believe good design makes all the difference.

Tony is now full time in property having now come full circle after starting out in property with 6 years as an estate agent starting in 1990 in which time he handled over 400 property sales. Since then Tony has over 20 years experience in the construction industry, gaining a solid understanding of running projects of up to £2M, managing contractors and becoming NEBOSH Health and Safety

qualified to ensure all of our projects are run safely.

Sarah has over 20 years experience as a project manager working in transformation projects in the financial industry. This knowledge and experience has been extremely valuable in building their property portfolio while managing their projects to ensure the best outcomes. Sarah is now an accredited NLP Master Practitioner, ACCT Accredited Coach and AIP accredited trainer and is a
partner in a boutique training company providing leadership training to corporate clients.

They are continuing to grow their HMO portfolio and also appreciate how this strategy has given them the resources to diversify into commercial conversions and land developments.

They are passionate about property and now love nothing better than sharing their knowledge and experience with other like minded investors starting their investment journey.
They believe with the right tools and knowledge anyone can be successful in property.

What will you find out from them :

How HMO’s can be your road to financial freedom.
The HMO Model
How to find the HMO
Design to maximise your Return on investment
The bit no one talks about
Cash flow to make your portfolio grow

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