Introducing : Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd

Tom has over 26 years of sales, marketing and project management experience. The majority was gained in medical devices where he had customer facing positions around the world.

Property has been a passion of Tom’s ever since I bought my first 2 bedroom 'starter' house many years ago. Since then he has renovated several of his own properties in the UK and the USA and helped other developers with their projects.

During the Covid 19 lockdown it gave Tom time to take a step back and consider who and what was important in life and soon after the lockdown he left his day job in order to start Daisy Rose Property Ltd. Over the last 10 years Tom has focused on building up his property knowledge through classroom style courses, mentorships and 'on the job' training. He has made mistakes along the way which has given him valuable insights to help him in property development and management.

Tom has built up a small but profitable HMO portfolio over the past 2.5 years which continues to grow, Tom will be sharing his insight on this.

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