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Introducing : Rob Moore

Rob Moore

Rob Moore is more than just a speaker; he's a true embodiment of the power of resilience, entrepreneurship, and seizing opportunities. His mantra, "If you don't risk anything, you risk everything," has guided him on an incredible journey of transformation and success. 

A Self-Made Property Investor Rob's journey began in 2005 when he found himself struggling to make ends meet as an artist, buried under a mountain of debt exceeding £50,000. His life took a dramatic turn on December 15th, 2005, in an event he openly shared during his speaking engagements. Just a week later, Rob crossed paths with Mark at a local property meeting in Peterborough, marking the inception of a nearly 15-year partnership. 

Today, Rob Moore is a renowned businessman, entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker. He co-owns the Progressive group with Mark and has achieved remarkable success. His podcast, "The Disruptive Entrepreneur," is one of the UK's most successful, reaching audiences in 192 countries. Rob is also a multiple best-selling author published by Hachette. 

Setting Guinness World Records Rob's passion and dedication have led him to break three Guinness World Records for the longest speech marathons. He's a sought-after keynote speaker and has made appearances on prime-time TV shows, including Living as a Mentor. His insights regularly grace the pages of mainstream media, from Channel 4 to the BBC, The Independent, and The Business Channel. 

Mentoring the Elite Rob is not only a mentor to many high-profile, wealthy, and celebrity clients in property and business, but he also takes pride in assisting young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through the Rob Moore Foundation, he extends a helping hand to young and underprivileged individuals worldwide, providing them with valuable financial education to kickstart and scale their enterprises. The profits from his book "Money" contribute to this noble cause. 

Beyond Business: While property investment remains one of his passions, Rob's partnership with Mark has afforded him the luxury to pursue his other interests. He's a qualified pilot, an active presence on social media within his communities, enjoys golf with his son, but above all, his true passion lies in sharing his wisdom and expertise as a professional speaker.

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