Introducing : Richard Perry

Richard Perry

“Do you wonder why things never really turn out the way you think in business and life ?

Well, what if ‘the way you think’ was the problem. What if , without realising it, you had programmed your internal guidance system and ended up exactly where you asked it to take you.

Introducing Richard Perry..

Richard Perry is a strategic advisor, mentor, author, NED and coach to business owners, MD’s, entrepreneurs and CEO’s driven by an unyielding dedication to ensuring they define and meet their potential. He is a Business Performance Coach that combines intellect, resilience, humour, creativity and humanity. An ideal guide in a time of uncertainty.

He is a High Peformance Coach trained by the best and member of :

- Powered By Change
- Flow Research Collective and Flow Genome Project ( Koter and Wheal )
- OKR Master Certification
- Value Builder

He is a Strategic Pragmatist that combines being truly strategic and executing well defined plans that get results. Prepare to learn.

Richard has supported companies in over 50 markets worldwide, in the UK, Europe, Asia and Latin America. His methods and approach have helped clients expand into new markets, build high performance leadership teams, take advantage of profitable opportunities, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Richard holds a Masters in Economics and Management from the University of St. Andrews, and a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from Henley Management College.

Richard is The StratNav Speaker

Forget everything you think you know. Open your mind and be prepared to see things in ways, which you had never previously considered.”

Charlie Tarr
Proptech Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO , Stacked

“Richards presentation through Stratnav harmonises the strands of the daily challenges we all face. Bringing one’s thoughts into a cohesive space that allows more definitive implementation through higher quality decision making is more than helpful”

Cliff Barry MBA
Entrepreneur, Investor. “

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