Introducing : Paul Stapleton

Paul Stapleton

Paul Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur with businesses including an off market platform for landlord to landlord sales, a business & property training academy and London’s fastest growing Entrepreneur event.

Over the past 8 years, Paul has honed his skills in various creative property strategies, including assisted sales, fractional sales, title splits, option agreements, and planning gains to name a few.

Paul specialises in Assisted Sales and Overage selling within his business, Casita Properties. Assisted Sales have enabled him to make HUGE ROI on his capital without the need of purchasing property.

Overage Sourcing has enabled Paul to run a hugely successful deal sourcing business with average fees of £11,200 for 2023. It’s a relatively unknown strategy, but one that is highly profitable. 

As the founder of the "Training Made Simple Academy," Paul goes beyond traditional property education programs. The academy encompasses three training companies that leverage Paul's expertise:

- Property Training Made Simple

- Social Media Made Simple

- Sales Training Made Simple

Paul believes in equipping aspiring property entrepreneurs with a diverse skill set. His academy focuses on essential skills like property knowledge, social media proficiency, and effective sales strategies all of which are delivered on a one to one tailored mentoring service and not via pre recorded modules.

As a serial networker, Paul co founded Peak Performance Events in 2022 with an idea of bringing like minded professionals to one room to learn and network with the best of the best in their field. Fast forward nearly two years, Peak Performance is internationally trademarked, partnered and sponsored by Lord Sugar and has had the stage blessed by speakers such as Rob Moore, Shaa Wasmund MBE, Daniel Priestley and Mark Wright.

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