Introducing : Nicky Russell

Nicky Russell

I am an enthusiastic go-getter, driven and focused, with a passion for all things property, I am the director of my own company, my own boss, a successful property investor - But it wasn't always this way...

I didn't go to university, left school after my GCSE's and stepped straight into employment, minimum wage, very much blinkered to the possibility that someone 'like me' could do anything remotely close to corporate or qualified, when I looked in the mirror I just didn't see a business woman and believed that world was meant for 'more intelligent and well educated' people.

But I still wanted more from life and believed there must be a way for 'someone like me' so I’d love to take you on my journey so far. I will share how I have overcome some of my biggest challenges and despite starting with minus £20k the biggest of all hurdles haven't been financial, but mindset and self mastery for sure!

I will run through a couple of my more interesting deals, recommend some books and mindset hacks that have been real game changers for me and hopefully show you that the world of money doesn't have to be intimidating and out of reach. I have taken control of my future, can now work on my own terms and live the life I choose... You can too!

Success is very much there for anyone who is willing to work and brave enough to reach for it.

I literally started from nothing in fact I was NFA living in a motorhome with my dog!

If I can do this, anyone can!

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