Introducing : Mark Newey

Mark Newey

Who is Mark?

Mark’s suicidal breakdown following a stressful corporate career and then the collapse of his own company in 1998, led to a revelatory career change. training in neurosciences and setting up as a psychotherapist in 2000. Since then, he has helped nearly 3000 people beat stress, anxiety, and depression and now runs workshops and speaks at conferences, national and international. He has also written 2 books.

Mark’s work

Radical Self Discovery is at the intersection of mental wellness and self-development. Living a good life isn’t just about fending off stress and earning enough money to pay the bills. A good life has purpose and community embedded in it: these are what lead to fulfilment.

The entrepreneur’s ability to live life with authenticity and a purpose mindset are the most important assets in a business; after all people buy from people and the “right” people are attracted to the business, whether they be customers, employees or partners. Authentic relationships and a purpose will transform any business.

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