Introducing : Lucy Moore

Lucy Moore

Currently living her life to the full, Lucy lives in a beautiful village in Kent with her gorgeous family of 4.

As a self-made entrepreneur Lucy runs two successful businesses, and truly loves what she does, lucy is a professionally trained speaker and emotional change coach and therapist specialising in helping people improve their mindset , but with a twist !

Lucy is a hair stylist and has been in the Hair and Beauty industry for nearly two decades ,over the years lucy has moved up to various roles in the hair industry such as Top stylist , Art director and Salon manager ,she has attended various courses over the years which has always given her the chance to up skill and widen her knowledge in the industry ,Lucy has been nominated for hair competition’s and attended Goldwell hair seminars and shows in London and Miami.

Lucy has run her own Hair and Beauty business since May 2012 where she built her client base from scratch to a fully booked diary within the first 6 months of business.

Lucy’s bubbly and kind nature allows her to build both trust and a great relationship with clients and build her business purely on word of mouth and the work she produces.

Lucy decided to further her career to not only help people’s appearance using hair and beauty but to help people on an emotional level.

“Being someone’s stylist /therapist, you would build such a rapport with people that most people feel they can open up to, you are often the ears that someone may need “

Lucy, now a professionally trained speaker with her main goal being to help motivate people to live the life they desire, is dedicated to helping build people’s confidence and achieve their goals.

Lucy the founder of “MOORE’’ believes in the power of just 5 key steps which will turn your life around, Lucy uses the platform of public speaking to deliver her strategy one to many.

“I believe my own life experiences and the power of my voice can truly make an impact”.

but life hasn’t always been so easy…

Lucy has overcome several hurdles in her life and in 2009 lucy was just weeks away from achieving her childhood dream of becoming a qualified hair stylist when the sudden passing of her step father happened , not only did lucy lose her step father who she was very close to but he was her biggest life and career mentor ,but despite this tragic time in her life , lucy never gave up on her dreams and lives life to the fullest to make her step father proud.

Her hard work, determination and passion for life is second to none.

Lucy truly believes that everyone should live life to the full and have a happy work life balance., Lucy’s self-made career has led her to live the life she desires around the people she loves.

Lucy lives to make an impact and her main goal is to help people feel happy, she combines all her amazing skills together to create something unique where she can help make people look and feel fabulous from the inside focusing on mindset and outside with her hair and beauty talents, she claims to be…

“The female Gok wan ‘

Being a mum of two lucy knows just how it feels it to lose confidence and feel undesirable, lucy has worked on her own confidence, self-development and mindset and knows just what it feels like to realign, re-create, rebuild and most importantly love yourself and be the desirable woman she deserves to be and lucy truly believes every woman should feel like this which is why she wants to create retreat experiences for women.

Where women come together, and she helps them with their mindset, using motivational talks, confidence building exercises, fun and laughter combined with a very holistic and relaxing environment to help women realign with their inner self in a very healing and natural way and to top off these amazing retreat experience’s women will experience a full makeover , and a lights camera action reveal ……

Lucy heavily believes…

“you must always love yourself as you are the one person your guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with “

It’s time to feel fabulous inside and out and embark on a journey to self-discovery and recreate your inner woman.

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