Introducing : Lucy Ingram

Lucy Ingram

Lucy is a proud Military Veteran, business owner and mindset enthusiast.

During a diverse 21 year career in the Royal Navy, Lucy has served all over the world including Iraq, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, and has achieved a variety of accolades through many years of competitive military snowboarding at the highest level.

During her 10 years as a Physical Training Instructor she learned how fitness and wellbeing drives success and how dedication to a goal can lead to awesome results. Lucy later trained to become an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor and was privileged to work at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. It was in this role she learned the value of a growth mindset, both through educational development and being inspired daily by the strength of the patients she rehabilitated back from catastrophic injuries.

Lucy left the Royal Navy in 2022 to become a full-time property developer and business entrepreneur. Lucy’s experiences during her military career have enabled her to cultivate the techniques of building a bulletproof mindset including the power of resilience and personal growth; this has been pivotal in growing multiple businesses and a seven-figure portfolio.

Having a competitive spirit and a drive to succeed has always come naturally to her; this something she tries to incorporate into her life and business.

Lucy is now on a mission to lift entrepreneurs to find their edge and realise their untapped potential. Through embracing the core values of RIDE, Lucy will demonstrate how others can achieve high performance in their business and personal lives.

Her mantra - ‘enjoy the ride’ – encompasses both her business values and her lust for life, travel and adventures, which she hopes to inspire in her clients.

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