Introducing : Jake David

Jake David

Introducing Jake David, a master of the art of hypnotic persuasion with a 15-year career in magic, mentalism, and hypnosis. Having raised over £500k in funding across multiple sectors, Jake is eager to share the secrets of effective negotiation tactics that have been honed through a unique blend of expertise in the world of illusion and the property investment industry.

A two-time runner-up Junior World Champion in magic and a proud member of the prestigious Manchester Magic Circle, Jake has successfully applied the skills acquired from these experiences to the world of property investing. As the founder and CEO of Property Store, Jake has revolutionised the way property investors manage their portfolios. Through cutting-edge systems and tools, Property Store has empowered over 1,000 users to reduce their admin time by an average of 50% while handling over 30,000 property updates every month.

With a mission to increase access to angel finance and reduce admin time to zero, Jake is committed to helping fellow investors streamline their processes, close more deals, and elevate their success in the property investment arena. In this talk, prepare to be captivated as Jake unveils the hypnotic persuasion techniques and strategies that he has used throughout his entire career.

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