Introducing : Anna Pazdurova

Anna Pazdurova

Diversifying your property portfolio across 2 countries internationally and how to reduce risk !

Anna is founder of Vision Properties Group and co-director of Vision Investment Properties registered in Dubai and will be sharing how to diversify your property portfolio across 2 countries, maximising profits, minimizing taxes and reducing risk. 

Anna was born in the High Tatra Mountains region in Slovakia. She always believed there is more than what she saw in her environment. 

The only way she could escape that generational cycle at that time was education which led to her completing a Masters degree in finance and Investments and moved to England to improve her English and experience.

She has been working as a negotiation manager for an international group of companies in technical sectors which were also facilities and commercial property.

Meanwhile working Anna became a small landlord starting building a property portfolio and from there she hasn't looked back.

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