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Introducing: Tej Singh

You may recognise Tej from the Tej Talks Podcast. He’s been Investing in Property full time since April 2019. Before this, I spent 6 months learning and networking to ensure that my start in this industry would be built on a solid foundation. I founded and managed a Recruitment company for the last 3 years that saw profits almost double every year, I stopped this to focus on Property.

He funded my first deal myself alongside a family member, who acted as an Investor. I’ve since (quickly) acquired 7 more properties, in fact they all came within 28 days of each other! Talk about timing. All of these are funded by Private Investors, just like you, who are receiving healthy interest payments.

It’s not easy. It’s taken him 100 offers and many failed auction bids to secure just 7 properties.

Through these struggles, he has realised his why. Tej wants to transform the housing in his area, most is tired, magnolia and ugly. He’s here to add some ‘Swag & Sauce’ to proceedings, to show landlords where the bar should be set. Tej loves interior design, the refurbishment process – but most of all, he loves hearing what Buyers or Tenants think of his properties.

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