Introducing : Tanner H Hicks

Tanner H Hicks

Investor. Coach. Thought Provoker. Value Engineer. Family Man. 

A very successful property entrepreneur and investor, with a multimillion-pound property portfolio, three businesses and extensive experience across several property strategies. 

Tanner reached financial independence at the age of 28 using property and has taught, coached and mentored hundreds of property entrepreneurs over the past seven years in property, business and finance. 

He is passionate about education, finance and self-development and aims to help people think differently about how they approach property and business. Thinking more like an investor and shareholder, rather than an owner operator, which many people fall into. 

As a qualified Civil Engineer, he has a keen eye for numbers and is very good at backwards engineering processes into sequential step-by-step roadmaps. 

Property can be a lonely game, so over the years he has become quite obsessed with collaborating, partnering and supporting others.

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