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Introducing: Sonny Sethi

My name is Sonny Sethi and I am the host of PPN Sheffield. I am delighted to welcome you and look forward to helping you grow a life-changing property business.

I have found that property challenges everything you’re taught at school about life and money, enabling you to attract the life you really want. 

Switching from having a career to being a true business owner isn’t always easy but I’d love to help you achieve what I have, and more.

I started my working career as an optometrist. It wasn’t my first choice of career but it seemed like a decent way to quickly build up some financial security. Within a few years of qualifying I became the owner of a high street brand optical practice. This is where I learned to balance business with professionalism as well as honing my people skills. 

Nearly 2 decades later, I became tired of the retail model. It all boiled down to a lot of hard work and diminishing returns. There always seemed to be plenty of people out there doing less and earning more whilst having more time to pursue hobbies and be with family. And so the search began for a business that would tick all of these criteria and after trying a couple of businesses, I discovered property networking and the property world. 

I soon worked out that of all the networking groups, PPN people were my people. So I started to attend Sheffield PPN. I also went to MSOPI and other Progressive courses before deciding to start a deal sourcing business. 

At the same time I started to work alongside Kevin McDonnell to support Sheffield PPN. In fact, as all our regulars know, I have been hosting this event since 2018. 

It wasn’t long before I then partnered up with one of the PPN guests and together we started a Serviced Accommodation business which currently operates in 4 towns and cities. 

I know that you have it in you to have the life you want and I would be delighted to help you in any way I can.

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