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Introducing: Shimon Rudich

Shimon Rudich

I have been investing in property for 20 years; 

I am the senior partner in a law firm mainly dealing with property investors; 

We are responsible for how Lease Options are drafted in the UK; 

We were the first in the UK to teach advanced property strategies like: 

- Assisted Sale 

- Exchange with Delayed Completion 

- Slice&Dice 

- Rent2rent Rent2SA 

- Ugly Duckling 

- Divide&Conquer 

I have written numerous articles for property magazines; 

I have written a set of manuals (7 volumes, 54 advanced creative strategies, over 800 pages) that is the benchmark on advanced creative strategies; 

I have my own courses; 

I am the only one to have taught for all 3 main property educational organisations in the UK; 

I am an international speaker; 

I have taught over 13,000 property investors; 

Happily married with 8 children; 

Charity fundraiser.

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