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Introducing: Sean Forsey

After many years working in all manner of sales roles, most recently as Branch Manager for Magnet Trade Kitchens, I decided to break free from the JOB and become a full time Property Investor &Sourcer.

Prior to becoming part of the Progressive Property Community I had completed a couple of flips and renovated/refurbished many properties for my own residence. Whilst completion of our largest project to date was nearing the end we decided to purchase a single Buy To Let property across the road from our own home, we made the offer in January 2018 prior to joining Progressive.

Once I had been to my first MSOPI I quickly understood how we could scale our investing instead of waiting to save deposits. Along with my wife we booked ourselves onto a training package in order to understand the many strategies possible in property investing. Our first course was Masterclass which gave us the basic knowledge and skills to identify areas of investment and the ‘ideal’ properties for a buy, refurbish, refinance model. We then realised we had access to many lucrative investment opportunities on our doorstep in South Wales, so much so we couldn’t buy them all!

We then took the Deal Packaging course which would enable us to package up all those properties that we couldn’t buy and market them to investors. We took on a Project Manager and access to an excellent refurb team has allowed us to sell 12 packaged deals in just 5 months. During this time I decided to leave the JOB and throw myself into the new business. We have a JV deal with one investor and also have a new Business Partner which has allowed us to accelerate and explore other avenues. We further educated ourselves by sitting the Serviced Accommodation Course, Buy to Sell Bootcamp and most recently the No Money Course, we are also part of the Deal Packaging Mastermind and starting the VIP mentor ship program in the new year. We have also undertaken some Business Courses and have some great mentors around us. The business expansion and growth has enabled my wife to give up the day job too, allowing us to focus firmly on the day to day operations and systemisation.

We currently have one BTL property completed and tenanted, 4 residential properties in legals for SA use, we have bought a small local town hall ready for conversion to SA, an 8000sqft commercial building for conversion to SA and a Coffee Shop come Bar by night, and a mixed block of properties which will be used for SA apartments, single lets and retail unit. We are working on our package deals one by one as they come through legals to create great single let homes for families, giving our investors great returns. We are now looking into creating cashflow from Rent to SA and Rent to HMO in Cardiff and Swansea with our Business Partner.

So much has happened in such a short space of time and we love taking action, we decided to take on the PPN in order to see a presence of Progressive Property back in South Wales, it will allow us to create a very special networking event from scratch according to what our audience requires.

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