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Introducing: Sachin Karale

Sachin Karale

 Dr Sachin Karale has a research and business background and has been living and working in Ipswich for the last 16 years. He owns businesses in Ipswich town and has close connections with local landlords, residents and businesses in the area. He has been investing in properties since 2008 and has built up a substantial portfolio using various strategies. 

From his conversations with Ipswich landlords and residents over the years, he knows the issues they want tackled: planning, HMOs, serviced accommodations, lease holders and service charges, cladding on apartment blocks, traffic, frequent floods, drugs and crime around town centre. He believes in taking a practical, energetic and positive approach to problem solving and is up for the challenge to work on and fixing these persistent problems. 

Dr Karale wants to work collaboratively with stakeholders on innovative solutions and to bring in new businesses, creating a wider range of employment opportunities in town. He always wants to hear the views of landlords, residents and businesses and is standing for councillor position for Ipswich Borough Council to help deliver a better future for Ipswich.

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