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Introducing: Robert McPhun

Robert McPhun

Rob joined the Humberside Police in 1974. After an extensive time on the beat and various constable roles he was promoted into the training branch and held various positions within training as a facilitator, coach, mentor, assessor and trainer of trainers. Rob gained the rank of Chief Inspector before taking up the post of the Learning and Development manager for the whole Force which consisted of 4,500 employees. He retired after 34 years in the police force in 2008. 

In 2010 Rob formed his own company and delivered workshops in presentation skills, Leadership and Management Development, Respect for Diversity, Communication, and Conflict Management. During his time in the police he designed a conflict management model for handling difficult conversations. This has been refined into what is now known as the PERfecting conversations management model. 

Rob became involved in building a property portfolio in 2014 with his wife to replace her wages so that she could give up work. Whilst undertaking a property mentoring programme they achieved this in 12 months and since that time he has been involved in helping others build property portfolios by coaching and facilitating learning different strategies to become financially free. 

The author of two books based around his conversation management model one of which is an Amazon best selling book in 10 categories – PERfecting Property Conversations ­- How to conduct initial property negotiations with confidence. With his partner they have single lets, freehold flats and HMO’s and although most of the portfolio is managed by agents, some are self-managed. 

With his police background in dealing with disputes and knowing how to communicate with tenants he is ideally placed to talk about resolving issues that arise in multi occupation premises. And it is very rarely the legal route. Rob has a practical, hands-on approach to presentations that give tips, guidance and ways to deal with real issues.

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