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Introducing: Richard Stone

Richard Stone

I’m a fun loving Multiple business owner and a trained Public Speaker and can often be found speaking publicly about 

- Youth employment

- Mental Health

- Well-being

- Invisible illness

- Construction employment

- Depression & Anxiety

- Suicide

I have founded, built and run a successful businesses, including 

- Building contracting company

- Property Development business

- Property investing business

- Podcast.

- Drone surveying business 

I enjoy flying drones for commercial work and fun, personal development and reading

My core WHY & biggest passion is helping others, I achieve this in multiple ways,

By employing my high emotional intelligence, decades of business management experience and vast catalogue of Construction Management & Projects experience, to support people with construction projects, contracts & property associated challenges.

I also work with clients on their personal awareness to challenge their beliefs and the stories they tell themselves and unlock and release their potential, either professionally or personally through coaching & mentoring to help them by free and go fly

I’m a keen adopter of technology and look of ways to use its deployment to support safer construction practices reducing risk of harm and more effective solutions for clients. 

I help Property Investors understand the planning and logistics of projects and how they affect Quality/Cost/Time. 

I help Property Investors review and understand the commercials and Cashflow requirements of their project and how they affect Quality/Cost/Time. 

I help Property Investors review and understand the Contracts Management of projects and how they affect Quality/Cost/Time.

I help other Business Owners with their challenges, operationally commercially and strategically and provide real, clear solutions to those challenges with no fear through impartiality through open honest dialogue and deep diving into their businesses.

I also enjoy supporting the voluntary sector with Youthbuild ventures UK and the Lord Mayor’s Construction Academy & other organisations

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