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Introducing: Richard Liddle

Richard Liddle

Richard was a Military Officer, helicopter and jet pilot for 21 years, and is also a successful property investor and developer, with a passion for business. Graduating from Newcastle University in 1998, Richard joined the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and saw combat around the globe, including the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He has been on operations in Libya, Syria and multiple times in Afghanistan where he was involved in many multinational operations.

Three years flying Search and Rescue helicopters covering the West Coast of Scotland proved some of the most exciting, dangerous and challenging conditions ever seen; 212 live rescues included rescuing fallen climbers from Ben Nevis, sailors from sinking boats and even the swift movement of premature babies in incubators between remote Scottish locations in order to save lives.

Alongside globally flying on Military Operations, Richard was growing his property portfolio and business. He even bought a development building while deployed to Afghanistan using only a satellite phone to secure the deal. This took remote and challenging investing to a new level – battling bad communications and extensive due diligence!

Richard is an advocate for the eradication of homelessness within the ex-service and veterans’ community. He is one of founders of an organisation called Supported Living Gateway which hopes to provide homes and spaces to improve the futures of those more vulnerable and less fortunate.

Richard enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. His lasting claim to fame is his role as an X Wing pilot in the Rogue One Disney movie that is part of the recent Star Wars series.

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