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Introducing: Paul Duval

Hi, my name is Paul Duval. I have spent my career to date working up to senior positions in IT, Networks and Telecommunications, with a focus on building infrastructure, data networks, data centres, computer rooms and more recently, mobile networks. Since leaving my last full-time job in 2005, I have built various companies from scratch to provide related (and un-related!) services, consultancy and project management and now provide my services on a contract basis.

In 2004 I started and ran a Smart Home Automation company with a partner, delivering fully automated prestige homes with Home Cinemas, Multi-Room Audio-Visual systems, cabling and network installations, WiFi, home telephone systems, CCTV and touch screen whole house control and lighting systems. We were probably a little early! In 2008 I had a career break from technology and used my project management skills and property knowledge to run a high-end property refurbishment company providing luxury kitchen and bathroom installations and property renovations in Florida, USA. This was exactly the wrong time to take this on (!), so in 2010 we came back to Bristol and I went back to contract technical Project Management in large corporates, where I have been busy ever since.

My property interests started at 25 when I bought my first property, a 3-bed terraced in Kingswood, which was too large for me, but it paid for the mortgage mostly through letting to lodgers in the other 2 bedrooms! I then bought and renovated a property in Henleaze and my family and I moved on to buy a 4-bed wreck in Bishopston, which we rebuilt from the inside out. In 2010, when I re-started contracting in IT, I saved for two buy-to-let properties, and then in 2017 I discovered Progressive Property through the Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI) event and realised I was going far too slowly!

MSOPI re-ignited my passion for property and since then I have launched Cliftonvalley Property Limited to invest in, buy, refurbish and hold property and my current focus, Cliftonvalley Apartments Limited, specialising in Serviced Accommodation (SA) set-up and management, which I am proud to run with my son Matthew and my wife Lynne. We have Rent 2 SA properties in Bristol and Bath and provide management services for others who want to get into SA, but don’t have the time or experience.

Paul Bennett and I met on the Progressive VIP mentorship programme and we share mutual interests and aspirations to build our portfolios and companies further, both together and separately. PPN Bristol is something we both wanted to do in order to share our experience and enthusiasms and in order to assist others to develop their property careers. I have really enjoyed networking over the past two years since deciding on the full-time property path and I have met some lifelong friends and great contacts along the way. I am looking forward to connecting with even more friends at Bristol PPN and to sharing the journey with you.

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