Introducing : Paul Davis

Paul Davis

In 2015, Paul founded Nimbus Maps - a platform that supports the property industry with acquisition strategies, enabling the market to buy better and value quicker using technology and data. 

Prior to Nimbus, Paul ran the family property business with his brother Simon, before setting up a consultancy business supporting the redevelopment of the property estates of some largest corporations in the UK. 

Using a unique combination of data points from multiple sources, they unlocked millions of pounds of developments, including finding an extra £100 Million in one customer’s estate alone. 

This was when Paul realised that data was the key to having that critical edge in property development and that this data could be used to make any property strategy more effective, which led to Nimbus Maps to enable anyone in the property market to benefit from it. 

Along with the data, Paul enjoys providing cutting-edge education to the market in his weekly webinars with industry experts.

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