Introducing: Nick  Watchorn

Nick Watchorn

Nick is the founder of the LNPG; as a professional landlord, he identified an opportunity to bring together a group of landlords to collectively negotiate better prices from suppliers. 

Nick has now grown his portfolio, and his vision is not only to help members save on refurbishment work, but to give Landlords a stronger voice. We asked Nick to comment on why setting up and running LNPG is so important to him. 

" I think it’s fair to say that Landlords are not held in the highest esteem and many people’s perceptions are based on stereotypes that simply are not accurate. I set out to help people grow their portfolio and actually make a profit from running property. LNPG goes a long way to making being a landlord more profitable, less stressful and more flexible by empowering everyday people to become part of a big organisation with substantial buying clout. My goal was to bring people together so that we can achieve much more – we have done that now with over 4,500 landlords – and I am very proud of what LNPG stands for "

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