Introducing : Mo Jogee

Mo Jogee was always on the search to find a career where his passion and drive for what he enjoyed played a major part in his journey. Going through a boarding school made his path to lead a normal life difficult. Even at the age of 16 he didn’t have the slightest idea what he wanted to become. Society labelled him as a very quite, shy and with very little confidence in himself.

His life started to change when he decided through the encouragement of his partner who recognised qualities he didn’t think he had. career in teaching is what Mo aspired to do. Going through college Mo recognised his competency in the field of science which directed an ambition to

become an expert in science and pharmaceuticals. As an avid fitness guy, in a way went hand in hand as Mo loved to research human biology and learn how to work with your body as opposed to against your body for optimal health.

After completing college an acquiring a diploma in health and sciences Mo decided to take the next step to go onto university to study bio-medical sciences. In this time Mo had a moment of self contemplation where he thought in terms of his life work. Looking forward and seeing himself locked up in laboratory for rest of his life didn’t look to glamorous after all. So he had a re-think and thought how he could fuse his passion for fitness and science and roll it into a career where he would work with his deepest passion. This diverted Mo to study and become a personal trainer and have his own business.

Through that time when destiny truly changed for Mo was from a single solitary phone call. It was from a property company (which am not going to name) educating me on how property can help anyone achieve financial freedom. This got me really curious as I didn’t have a clue financial freedom even existed thats how conformed I was to ‘normal’society.

From then on my mindset shifted dramatically alongside my money blueprint from limited to limitless, it was emotional liberation. The funny thing was that all this time my father has been building his portfolio of single lets for over 30 years and took me nearly 15 years to realise this is what I wanted and was meant to do (shocking but true!).

Since then Mo realised the 2 vehicles he wanted to achieve financial freedom was the Internet and property. This shows the importance of moving through time and accepting that some business models are thing of the past and to adapt with time was crucial. Mo has had mentors for his Internet marketing businesses who helped Mo successfully launch digital products. This taught Mo the power of having mentors to help shortcut and smooth out the bumps to achieving success.

To the present day where Mo works alongside his father with a portfolio of 30 single lets and 1 commercial property which is a business centre in Leeds. Also working with Progressive property being mentored by Rob Moore & Mark Homer, Mo is looking to take the family property business to the next level through using different investing strategies such as HMO, development and adding a training and events component to the business.

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