Introducing : Mike Bull

Mike Bull

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats in the Private Rented Sector (or SWOT in the PRS for short). 

The PRS plays a fundamental role in providing quality accommodation for around 13 million people. Contrary to the view frequently portrayed in the media, being a landlord is not “a license to print money” and there are a multitude of pitfalls with something like 170 pieces of disjointed legislation to understand and observe. With regular government landlord-bashing and a punitive tax regime unlike any other business, it’s no surprise that supply from the private rented sector is shrinking. 

But it’s not all bad news. The need for a wide variety of quality homes for rent has never been greater. Property could be the key to you becoming financially free and ending the cycle of exchanging your time for money. It’s crucial to do it right and do it sustainably, with knowledge, support, skill and commitment to protect your tenants, your assets and yourself. 

After cramming a three-decade career in construction materials into what was originally supposed to be a gap year, in 2016 Mike was determined to be one of those people who could say “Redundancy? Best thing that ever happened to me”.

Now, after having built a small but sufficient portfolio of self-managed high-quality HMOs in north-east Bristol with his lovely wife Ilona, herself a former letting agent with 15 years of experience, Mike is also one of 21 representatives for the National Residential Landlords’ Association (NRLA), the leading voice for over 100,000 landlords across England & Wales.

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