Introducing : Markus Cox

Markus Cox

I was rapidly heading towards 40. In everyone else’s eyes I had a great job working at Jaguar Land Rover. But I felt differently! I had never felt ‘old’ before, I felt I needed to achieve more before time ran out! I had a young family, one of my twin boys, Daniel, had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. This enhanced my frustration, all I wanted to do was spend more time with my family. 

Being an engineer by trade I have a flair for analysis, figures and due diligence. (Spreadsheet, analysis and risk assessment are daily basic tools in both industries and are something I spend a lot of time doing!). 

In addition I have been a BTL landlord for 18 years and currently hold 2 properties in Milton Keynes. I also ran an Alarm and CCTV business in Milton Keynes for 7 years and so was in and out of New Build properties all the time. 

All of the above led me to founding Dec4de Property and in 2016 and I began my “Property Development” journey. 

I firmly believe that continuous learning is key. When I started my property journey I knew I had a gap in my knowledge. I bridged the initial gap in knowledge by attending various training and network events.  PPN Northants played a major role in my development and expansion and now I look forward to sharing that with others.

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