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Introducing: Mark Potter

Long term Leamington Spa resident and advocate Mark Potter is engrained with a characteristic entrepreneurial mindset. Born to hardworking small business owners with a modest background who started a now thriving business from scratch, Mark was named after his parent’s first employee. Being a mogul was learned behaviour he would later embrace as a young man.

Mark found himself unstimulated as a student and left school at fourteen; unperturbed by his shocking departure, he knew a traditional education would simply not fit with his mindset. Mark was destined for a starkly juxtaposed schooling- despite his lack of structure as a young teen he was highly motivated and growing in confidence at business exponentially.

Mark purchased his first Leamington Spa buy-to-let at the tender age of 19 and from that early age enjoyed the financial freedom of the passive income brought about by that savvy purchase.

Like many a typical entrepreneur, Mark dabbled in many business ventures throughout his young adult life with varying degrees of success. He indulged his love of prestige vehicles by buying and selling high end super cars, his fondness of our canine counterparts with a successful online pet product import company and monetised his hobby of clay pigeon shooting by opening a Warwickshire gun shop (not an easy feat, those of you who enjoy the sport will attest).

In typical entrepreneurial fashion, Mark thrived off the all-encompassing buzz and challenge of opening new ventures and making them successful however,soon tired as each project became viable; he needed a new goal. When his latest endeavour turned sour after a doomed joint venture rendered it obsolete he was left scratching his head as to what to conquer next. In an epiphany of pure clarity, he realised that all along it was his property portfolio that had allowed him the luxury of time and the passive income to embark on all these new enterprises. From that moment he resolved that he needed more.

Mark set about investing in himself by undertaking his first proper education- in property. He attended various workshops and courses, adding knowledge to his arsenal and finally enjoying the process of learning. He tried several different property education companies and gurus, liking some more than others, but none he was willing to commit to. Then, he stumbled across Progressive, Rob’s cheeky-chappy nature was not dissimilar to his own, and his teachings resonated with Mark- the unapologetic Progressive approach to wanting financial success was a light bulb moment; he had found a Property family!

Mark’s property business now goes from strength-to-strength, his personal portfolio in Leamington Spa and Coventry is growing healthily,both with land and property, and he has sourced some large-scale commercialtoresidential projects. The episodic nature of undertaking lots of different endeavours, treating each as a new challenge suits Mark perfectly; he has finally found his calling and is lucky enough to honestly say that he loves each day in the tumultuous but gratifying property world.

Mark lives with his long-term partner, in business and in life, Samantha with whom he shares two sons Charlie and George, his protégés to take over the family property business, and his two Instafamous French bulldogs Fifi and Ammo.

Hosting the Leamington Spa Progressive Property Network meeting allows Mark to combine his two loves- property and people, and in the home town he is so fond of. He thrives on bringing people together and offering value in the form of knowledge and connections to property investors at any point in their journey.  He can’t wait to see you at the next meeting.

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