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Introducing : Layton Barr

Layton Barr

Layton Barr, Hull born and bred, is an entrepreneur / investor and award winning business coach with over 25 years business experience.

Layton, working alongside his wife Amanda is the founder and M.D. of LAYANDA Homes.

Established in 2019 LAYANDA Homes works closely with investors and landlords, and presents quality accommodation to professional contractors working Hull and Humberside regions through the R2R strategy, clients include SIEMENS, BAE Systems to name a few.

In a JV partnership role, Layton has helped educate fellow investors to grow their own portfolio through scouring properties at reduced prices, having the Vision to purchase properties upon refinancing provides an infinite return on investments in other words none of your own money left in the deal and securing commercial  properties and land through Lease Option Agreements (LOA).

Layton has built his lifestyle to be able to have the choice whether to go to work or not and he is going to share his unique strategy with us

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