Introducing : Latoya McDonald

Latoya McDonald

Latoya McDonald is the founder of ‘Outsourcing Your Property Business’ – where she covers all things Systems, Procedures, Automation and Outsourcing for property businesses.

She comes from a property background, having worked as a Real Estate agent in New Zealand in her late teens and 20’s, where it’s 100% commission based.

In the early years she specialised in selling investment property, and invested in property herself, owning some multiple occupancy houses in Christ church.

When Latoya moved to the UK she worked on the high street in an Estate and Lettings Agency – it was here she knew she had to get back into owning property and having her own business.

She started doing Rent-to-Rent in Cornwall (her home) and the business took off ! The cash flow from that business allowed her to buy the first few HMO’s.

Latoya then added Lettings and Property Management to the business and that brought in additional income too.

She then found herself working ‘IN’ the business, managing staff, filling properties, chasing tradesmen, letting staff go, sorting keys, managing tenants, hiring staff - all whilst travelling between UK and NZ !

She realised her time was being SUCKED by her business. What she really wanted was a property business that ran without needing her to do the low hourly rate tasks so she could be left to focus on the high money making activities, to add to her monthly cash flow and buy more assets.

This is why Latoya invested so much time and money into systems, procedures, automation and outsourcing – this allows her to have successful businesses that run without needing her ‘IN’ the business daily.

There was A LOT of trial, error, sweat (tears!) and hard work along the way, but she now has a set up that allows her to focus on the things she wants to do in business and personal life (like travelling !).

Latoya now shares what she’s created with other property investors and business owners to help them achieve the same.

Whether you’re doing Buy-to-Let, HMO’s, Rent-to-Rent, Serviced Accommodation, self-managing or managing properties for other landlords you can benefit from Latoya’s knowledge and experience and use what she shares to create the property business you want (and a life outside of that).

Does your property business suck your time ?

Are you stuck doing low hourly rate tasks… but you want to focus on high money-making activities ?

Do you want a business that survives (and thrives!) without needing you day-in, day-out ?

Latoya can help you with this.

Currently writes monthly for Your Property Network magazine (YPN) covering all things Systems, Procedures, Automation and Outsourcing for Property Businesses.

My presentation will cover the following :

- my background (doing Real Estate, Investing, Rent-to-Rent, buying HMO’s and Managing for other Landlords)

- what are Systems, Procedures, Automation and Outsourcing (I’ll give examples of what each one is in relation to property)

- I will then cover how each of the above can work for the different property strategies

- I’ll give a few examples of what the audience can implement into their business that week and that month to make a positive difference to their business

- Then I’ll finish by explaining that setting up the property business properly is not just for you, it’s for the value of the business and for loved ones too (discussing death and how an unorganised property business will affect immediate loved ones involved)

- Then Q&A

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