Introducing : Kim Hendle

I spent 42 years in the corporate world, 27 of those years involved looking at process and productivity improvements, business analysis and project management. 

I finally managed to take redundancy and, for the first time in 42 years, managed to get some well-earned rest that lasted longer than a 3 week holiday! 

During my time off I discovered Progressive Property and started my REAL property education. After attending Multiple Streams of Property Income, I signed up for the Masterclass and then attended the Academy for 2 years.  In that time, I release cash from my pensions, bought two single lets and turned a three bed, mid-terraced house into an 8 bed all en-suite HMO. And today I am still buying old, large, rundown properties and turning them into HMO’s.  And looking to diversify strategies this coming year. 

I am financially free of a JOB and no longer have to work Monday to Friday doing 50 hours a week for other people and I am loving it.

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