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Introducing: Something

Kal Kandola

Strategy, Structure & Legal Framework of Joint Ventures

Kal Kandola  BA (Hons) MBA, PhD, CeMAP Entrepreneur, Eco Developer, Mentor 

A driven woman with multiple businesses in Property & Finance. 

Host of networking events across the UK to educate and inspire the next generation of property professionals.  

Well known in the Progressive Property Circuit for hosting the Leicester PPN and Canary Wharf PPN. 

Co-Founder and CEO of Prosperity Group Global and launching an app with content from experts on all aspects of property, well-being, and building a legacy. 

Building Eco Homes around the UK and currently working on a site in Stoke on Trent for 151 Homes. 

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are at the heart of everything that Kal does and that's what she wants to share with you all at this meeting. 

Kal will be highlighting the importance of Strategy, Structure and the Legal Framework to ensure you and all parties are protected.

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